Aquathon Series

Every year, we organise a number of short, sprint and standard Duathlon events: 

Race locations and fees

View our upcoming races. 

Date Location Times Type
03/07/2017 Knockburn 7pm start (registration 6pm to 6.30pm) Adults and children
12/07/2017 Westhill 7pm start (registration 6pm to 6.30pm) Adults and children
19/07/2017 Knockburn 7pm start (registration 6pm to 6.45pm) Adults and children
26/07/2017 Stonehaven 7.30pm start (registration 6pm to 7pm) Adults and children
02/08/2017 Knockburn 7pm start (registration 6pm to 6.30pm) Adults and children
14/08/2017 Ellon 7pm start (registration 6pm to 6.30pm) Adults and children

Events in Westhill, Stonehaven and Fraserburgh take place in a pool but Knockburn events take place in open water (we recommend wearing wetsuits). 

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Our categories apply to juniors, youths and adults. The swim and run distances depend on age category.

Age categories Pool swim Open water swim Run
TriStars start (age 8) 50m 100m 600m
TriStars 1 (ages 9 to 10)  150m 200m 1500m
TriStars 2 (ages 11 to 12)  250m 300m 2km
TriStars 3 (ages 13 to 14)  400m 500m 3km
Adults and youths (ages 15 to 18) 400m 400m 3 to 5km

These are maximum distances for the categories. The events distance may change for each event but will not exceed these distances.


To register, please contact us.

Results and prizes

We double check results before publication and usually make them available three hours after the conclusion of a race. 

We will email you your results or you can contact us.

All participants receive a medal. 

Race cancellations

Races take place weather permitting. If an event has to be cancelled due to weather problems, we will email or text you and post a message on our facebook page.

You can also contact us to check that an event is running. 


During each event, we get assistance from the clubs, marshals and volunteers who work with us to ensure that the races run smoothly.  


For any enquiries, call us on 01467 625088 or email us at

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