You have two options for submitting your application:

Apply Online - using the Scottish Government e-planning portal

Apply in Paper - downloadable forms are listed below. These should be submitted to our E-Planning Team, Aberdeenshire Council, Viewmount, Arduthie Road, Stonehaven, AB39 2DQ.

Planning Application and Other Consent Forms

Householder Application - to alter or extend a dwellinghouse or residential flat, or to carry out any works (including buildings) in the garden (garages/driveways etc).

Planning Permission - for Full Planning Permission (except householder development), Planning Permission in Principle, Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions (AMSC), Applications for Mineral Workings and any Further Application relating to renewal or variation of planning permission.

Listed Building Consent - to alter, extend or demolish a listed building.

Conservation Area Consent - for works to demolish/part demolish a building/structure in a conservation area.

Advertisement Consent - to display an advertisement or sign on a building or land.

Prior Notification - to notify the planning authority of proposals to build or significantly alter/extend a farm or forestry building, install a domestic micro-wind turbine or air-source heat pump, or to demolish a building.

Certificate of Lawfulness for Existing Use or Development -to obtain a decision from the planning authority on whether planning permission is required for existing building works or development that have previously taken place.

Certificate of Lawfulness for a Proposed Use or Development - to obtain a decision from the planning authority as to whether a proposed use or works require planning permission.

Tree Works Application - to apply for consent to carry out works to trees in a conservation area or subject to a tree preservation order.

The following applications must be submitted by post or emailed to

Modification or Discharge of Planning Obligation - to apply to modify or discharge a Section 75 Agreement.

High Hedge Application - to apply for a High Hedge Notice.


Pre Application Forms and Other Forms

Major Applications Pre-Application Consultation - to notify the planning authority of any proposed major/national development (if you are unsure whether the development is a major/national development use the Pre-Application Screening Notice, before submitting the Proposal of Application Notice).

Local Developments Pre-Application Enquiry Form - If you are proposing a local development which includes most development not associated with the alterations or extension of an existing house please use the Pre-Application Enquiry Form Local Development (pdf 460kb) and attach appropriate plans or supporting information with your enquiry. Local Developments can include but is not limited to most smaller wind energy proposals (up to 20MW), anything from a single house to under 50 houses, conversions of non residential buildings, changes of use or other small to medium scale business and industrial proposals (as defined in the Hierarchy of Development).

Householder Development Enquiry - if you are unsure whether your development requires planning permission (householder developments only).

Processing Agreement Template - A project management tool can assist with planning and delivers a number of benefits including:

  • Greater transparency in decision-making
  • Greater predictability and certainty with timescales
  • Faster decision-making
  • Clearer lines of communication between authority and applicant
  • More effective and earlier engagement of key stakeholders

We encourage the use processing agreements, preferably agreed prior to submission, for all major applications and for local developments that are likely to prove contentious within smaller communities. Read the Aberdeenshire Processing Agreement Template (pdf 94kb)  or contact the Planning Department for further information.


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