Recycling and waste collections

We operate a weekly kerbside collection service across Aberdeenshire. This alternates between recycling and refuse, we collect food caddies each week with either wheeled bin. Please place containers at your collection point no later than 7am on collection day.

Find out about: 

Check how to recycle your items including what condition they should be in and what happens to your recycling.

View our food waste and recycling service leaflet in English (pdf 1.86MB) or the translated version (pdf 1.12MB) (Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian).

Additional collection services

We offer a range of additional collection services to help if you:  

Photo of recycling and refuse containersWhat to put in each bin

Find out what goes in each container:

Blue bin - mixed recycling

Yes please No thanks
All cardboard
Food and drink cans
Biscuit and sweet tins
Aluminium foil and trays
Plastic drinks, detergent and cosmetic bottles
Plastic pots, tubs and trays
Office paper
Greetings cards
Phone books and Yellow Pages
Shredded paper (please wrap in a large sheet of newspaper or put into a cereal box or similar. This stops it blowing around on windy collection days)
Glass or ceramics
Oil or paint tins
Plastic contaminated with food
Plastic bags, liners or film
Soft plastic tubes (such as traditional toothpaste tubes)
Metallic wrapping paper
Paper / card contaminated with food
Painted Paper / card
Food waste
Garden waste
Small electrical appliances

Food caddy

Please lock your food caddy by leaving the black handle upright or fully forward when putting it out for collection.

Yes please
(both cooked and uncooked)
No thanks
Beans, pasta and rice
Bread, cakes and pastries
Dairy products such as cheese
Eggs and egg shells
Fruit and vegetables
Meat and fish, including bones
Pet food
Tea bags and coffee grounds
Bottles, cans or jars
Foil or clingfilm
Food or drink containers
Liquids, including oils and fats
Plastic bags

Black refuse bin - materials that can't be recycled

We will only collect one refuse bin per household unless additional capacity has been agreed. You will need to demonstrate that you are recycling as much as possible, including food waste. We will conduct an audit of the contents of your refuse bin as part of the assessment process. All information provided will be confidential. Please call Wasteline for details. 

Sometimes bins are too heavy to safely wheel to the lorry and empty. You will need to remove items from the bin to reduce the weight.

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